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The Dip is a 21+, ~150 capacity music venue with an in house sound engineer and full sound and lighting systems. See below for booking procedure.

Procedure for local and regional show bookings:

  1. We need to hear your music to make sure your band would be a good fit for our establishment, so give us a link (bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, ect) to the music that best represents your band

  2. Along with a sample of your music we need all the pertinent information regarding who you are: contact name and number, places you’ve played in the past, date(s) you are hoping to play at The Dip, how many people you think you’d bring out, shoe size, and anything else you might like to tell us about yourself

  3. Email all this information to (we handle all booking through email, so stopping by the venue or calling us is a waste of your time)

  4. As you can imagine, we receive quite a few booking requests daily, but we assure you we listen to all of them -- it may take some time to get back to you. If for some reason we do not get back to you it is because either a. The date was already filled or b. We do not feel your band would be best served playing at our venue

  5. If we do not get back to you there are quite a few other options in Redding who you can reach out to in order to try to book a show

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